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22 Years Old

Sometimes I write funny things

Sometimes I write sad things

Andrew Zimmern still won't tweet me back
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yay. i made it to my university’s comedy website
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actually / very surprising a banger?

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For my comedy fans:

This is Claudia O’Doherty. She was on one of the newest Comedy Bang Bang Episodes and was HILARIOUS. She will be on Judd Apatow’s new movie with Amy Schumer. Please jump on this bandwagon because I hope (and know) she will blow up.

Creeping on my first boyfriend to find that he has a tattoo of a diamond on his chest and still looks like a serial killer.


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I wrote out this whole labored essay but all I really wanted to say is how I hate that my sexuality is what defines how people interact with me.

The 1975 - Shootout at the Fair

and you say i’m now in love

if it’s only for a while