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Andrew Zimmern still won't tweet me back

Amy Schumer's Fast-Food Aaron Sorkin Parody Is Spot-On

I love Amy Schumer and I aspire to be the feminist that she is.

Does anyone else find him extremely attractive or is it just me? Or does everyone who watches the show feel the same way and thats the thing that I don’t understand because I’ve never seen Veep?
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The part of Untucked where Alyssa Edwards gives her secrets and Laganja is just “yes mama”ing everything makes me very uncomfortable.

Conversation I just had with my mom

  • Me: Mom, you'll never believe how much I got back on my tax return.
  • Mom: Well honey that's great, you work hard and you earned it.
  • Me: Yeah, I am so excited I can finally take that trip to Argentina.
  • Mom: That's great!
  • Me: I know, I'll have to put it all in my savings.
  • Mom: Honey, make sure you practice safe sex.
  • Me: Wait. What? Mom, where are you?
  • Mom: Just at the gym. Honey I just see it so much, now you can buy condoms with your tax return.
  • Me: Uh.. well.. don't worry.
  • Me: Wait, you're saying this out loud at the gym?
  • Mom: Yeah, it's a really gay gym.

What if instead of asking someone if they’re a top or bottom you ask them “Are you more Sailor Uranus or Sailor Neptune?” 

I had a dream where

I was cast for Last Comic Standing and on one of the challenges we had to do a set in front of senior citizens in a retirement home and I remember the camera panning to me and I was praying “Dear Saint Bianca del Rio please help me win this challenge”

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story of my life

Saving this for a time where I can go on a tirade about this. However, I feel that this is a big reason why people go to the gym.. just so that they can look good so they kind find someone to love. It’s funny that we feel that we MUST go to the gym and look physically “fit” to be in the dating scene so that we can be accepted by our preferred sex. I think that there should be something like a personality gym where you can go everyday to workout your personality.